The Sky/ Mini Cube Book

The sky is a never-ending source of inspiration for artists, poets, and anyone who has found peace in contemplating clouds or a colorful sunset. Whether viewed from below or from above—with the help of satellite images—the pictures in this new addition to White Star’s convey the many faces of the sky. Colorful images capture the violent force of tempestuous storms as well as the glorious sunrises, sunsets, and northern lights that are reflections of nature’s gentler side. Readers view the sky in horizons that frame both the most beautiful natural parks and landscapes in the world and the skylines of the world’s most sophisticated cities.

Издател: White Star Publishers
Език: Английски
Година: 2008
ISBN: 9788854403178
Страници: 768
Корици: твърди
Тегло: 220 грама
Размери: 6.2×6.2
Наличност: Не
Раздел: Хоби и свободно време. Книги на чужди езици, Хоби и свободно време, Книги

Цена: 13.90