The Rough Guide to Turkey

“The best book for practical information and lively background.” Daily Telegraph, London
THE ROUGH GUIDE TO TURKEY is the most comprehensive handbook to this enormously varied country. Features include:
Evocative accounts of Turkey’s monuments, from Cappadocia’s rock churches to the mosques and Byzantine buildings of Istanbul.
Detailed coverage of the cities, towns and resorts, with hotel and restaurant recommendations for all budgets.
Practical advice on everything from diving along the Turquoise Coast to getting the best bazaar buys.
Informed features on history and contemporary culture, including Turkish literature, music and films.
Full-colour photos and more than 80 maps.

Издател: Penguin Books
Език: Английски
Година: 2000
ISBN: 9781843536062
Страници: 924
Корици: меки
Тегло: 600 грама
Размери: 21.5×14.5
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Раздел: Карти и атласи, География, Природни и точни науки, Книги

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