The Rough Guide to Canada

The Rough Guide to Canada is the definitive handbook to this diverse country. Features include: • Full-colour section introducing Canada’s highlights. • Detailed accounts of the big cities and small towns, from cosmopolitan Toronto and atmospheric Que’bec City to the Gold Rush-era relics of the Yukon. • Discriminating reviews of hundreds of hotels, restaurants, bars and clubs to suit all tastes and budgets. • Practical advice on a range of activities, from hiking and skiing in Banff to fishing and sailing in the Maritime Provinces. • Expert background on Canada’s history, wildlife and its aboriginal peoples. • Maps and plans covering the entire country.
A comprehensive guidebook. – OK! Magazine
Invaluable resource. . .detailed hotel, restaurant and entertainment listings. . .easy to use reference. . .maximises the pleasure of visiting. – Porthole Cruise Magazine (US)
AN IDEAL COMPANION – Daily Telegraph, London
THE BEST GUIDEBOOK – Sunday Telegraph

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Година: 2007
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