The Encyclopedia of the World's Mystical and Sacred Sites

OVER 160 ENTRIES FROM AROUND THE WORLD, INCLUDING: -The standing stones found around the British Isles including Stonehenge, Arbor Low and Callanish. -Cave art found in Europe where early people may have first discovered religion. -The sacred mountains of China, Fuji in Japan, and Kailas in Tibet. -The ancient rock-cut churches at Lalibela in Africa, the ruins of Great Zimbabwe and the monuments of ancient Egypt including the Pyramids. -Native Americans sites in Canada and the USA such as Great Serpent Mound and The Devil’s Tower. -The ancient places of the Mayans and Incas including Machu Picchu in Peru and Chichen-Itza in Mexico. -Sacred Aboriginal places in Australia including Uluru and Katatjuta, the most important sites of the Dreamtime.

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