The Complete Encyclopedia of Dogs

Did you know there are dogs with gills, or with coats that do not molt? Or that some breeds will wander off given a chance while others naturally yearn to be close to their owner? Did you know which breeds will guard your house and garden or those that welcome all-comers? Do you also know which breeds become bored quickly, meaning they must be kept active or those that like nothing more than to lare around. These are characteristics that are closely linked with the particular breed and with which the dog's owner needs to pay attention. In The Complete Encyclopedia of Dogs you can find detailed information of almost every breed of dog from Maltese to Golden Retriever and Tosa Inu to the Portuguese Water Dog. The appearance of each breed is described according to the colors in which they are bred, care and any grooming requirements, activities and work to which the dogs are suited, and their social behavior towards others. There are hints on training that are specific to the breed plus advice on the amount of activity and exercise dogs of that breed need to keep them happy. Each breed is extensively illustrated with not just a single dog but where possible the dogs and the working environment of the working breeds are depicted also. The Complete Encyclopedia of Dogs is a unique kind of reference book: one that can help the newcomer find their way and also of use to the experienced dog person.

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