The Balkan War 1912 – 1913

For the first time in Bulgaria the readers will be offered an extensively illustrated sequel commemorating our military history. All the four books are under ‘Wars to unite Bulgaria’ title and follow the events during the wars in our country modern history. This sequel is quite different to other publications in this field due to its unique photos, pictures, graphics and diagrams. The author has used a great number of independent local and foreign sources in order to create a compact and concise publication for the reader. A specific attention is paid to the organization of the armies, descriptions of the weaponry, armament and the uniforms of the military units of all the belligerent parties. Even the smallest details in the descriptions and illustrations of the military uniforms are marked with authencity and conscientiousness – something that has never been done in other similar books so far. The books in this series are meant to be read by a great variety of public – starting from people interested in military history and ending to professionals like historians, collectors, museum workers, movie directors, artists etc.

Издател: Анжела
Език: Български
Година: 2005
ISBN: 9549058743
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Раздел: История на чужди езици, История, Книги

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