Tapas (80 classic and contemporary recipes)

Tapas comprises a collection of contemporary and classic tapas dishes for all tastes, from light bites, vegetables and salads to meat, poultry and fish and seafood. Choose from mouthwatering dishes such as Roasted Baby Peppers, Arabic Pork Skewers, Crisp Fried Seafood and Game Goujons with Herb Dressing. The book also features classics such as Patatas Bravas, Mini Tortillas and Deep-Fried Squid with Aioli as well as new ideas including Griddled Quail with Salsa Almendras, Mussels with Chilli and Red Peppers and Morcilla Stew with White Beans and Basil. Step-by-step photographs and clear instructions mean professional results and success every time. The dishes are perfect served with drinks or as a light appetizer. Tapas are quick and easy to prepare so are ideal when you’re having friends around.

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