Superbikes: The World's Greatest Street Racers

Superbikes are at the pinnacle of two-wheeled production engineering. Designed for adrenaline-inducing speed, breathtaking handling and head-turning good looks, these high-performance machines are the most desirable and glamourous bikes on the road. Superbikes is a celebration of these superlative machines, with over 100 bikes illustrated in full-colour detail. This comprehensive guide includes the world's greatest machines, including the earliest lightweight sportsters, such as Honda's CB400 Four, luxurious monster cruisers, like Harley-Davidson's Dyna Super Glide Sport, to the latest high-performance street racers, such as the Yamaha YZF-R1 and Kawasaki ZX-10R.
Each of the bikes is examined from every angle. Stunning cut-out photography and detailed annotations describe the motorcyle's special features, while lively text explores aspects of its handling, performance and design. For the real enthusiast there are comprehensive specifications containing every fact and figure imaginable, from engine type and tyre measurements to top speed, weight, maximum power and gearbox.

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