Step-by-Step: Pre-Empts


Pre-empt exploding on the opposition at the right moment can cause chaos and confusion. They can end up 3 levels too low, 3 levels too high or in the wrong suit. A pre-empt at the wrong moment – and the same can happen to your own side, particularly if partner doesn’t know what sort of hand to expect. Another victim of friendly fire! With the emphasis throughout on commonsense and on partnership style, Alan Mould shows what sort of hands to pre-empt on and why, how to respond to them and how to comhat pre-empts from the opposition. In short, compulsory reading for any aspiring player.
Alan Mould is an experienced and successful tournament player who has twice represented England. His first book -Step-by Step: Slam Bidding – was commended for its ‘simple, commonsense approach and chatty style’.

Издател: B. T. Batsford
Език: Английски
Година: 1997
Страници: 142
Корици: меки
Тегло: 192 грама
Размери: 20×13
Наличност: Да
Раздел: Хоби и свободно време. Книги на чужди езици, Хоби и свободно време, Книги

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