Noodles: The New Way

Noodles are irresistible, easy to cook, fun to eat, the smart fast food. Their popularity is nothing new. They have been invented and re-invented round the world. No wonder they come in such variety. Noodles are culinary jazz and Sri Owen wants everyone to enjoy the music. There will always be new noodle dishes because noodles are a theme on which anyone can improvise. The dishes she describes here include such classics as Singapore Fried Noodles, Pad Thai and Sichuan Prawn Chow Mein, as well as more unusual and adventurous delights like Noodles with Roasted Aubergines and Tomatoes and Fried Noodles on Portobello Mushrooms. Once you` ve cooked your way through this invaluable repertoire you can then improvise, connfident that the results will be not just fast food, but tasty and nutritious as well.

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Година: 2000
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