Making Faces

Real Beauty is understanding the many facets of who you are and being true to your own developing beliefs, dreams, and character. Make-up has been referred to as a mask, a ritual, or a subtle enhancement of natural beauty. I prefer to think of my make-up as the spark of energy igniting a state of being. Who you are and how you present yourself today may not be the same tomorrow: a change of face reflects the way you feel or how you want to be seen. MAKING FACES presents compositions in colour, texture and design, to encourage you to explore not only what suits you, but to experiment with who you wish to be. There are no complicated brush strokes, just simple suggestions to fire the imagination. Design a look and then seal it with your own fingerprints. The looks have been inspired by people from many cultures whom I have been fortunate to meet, including the Aborigines of Australia, the Samburu of Kenya, and the Zulu of South Africa, and I would like to pay tribute to their philosophy and spirit. I associate colours mainly with experiences I have had in countries the world over: to me, Egypt is green, India is pink, Mexico is blue; but the most beautiful rainbow I have ever seen was in East Acton, London. Wherever you are, be inspired. Experiment with the unexpected and follow no rules. Have no fear, have fun, be yourself. . . Dennie Pasion

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Година: 2003
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