Mail and Internet Surveys-The Tailored Design Method

Don Dillman’s Mail and Internet Surveys, Second Edition has been the definitive guide for creating and conducting successful surveys using both traditional and new media channels. Now, this special 2007 Update of the classic text features major additions covering the latest developments in online survey design and administration.
Like its predecessor, this resource lays out a complete, start-to-finish guide for determining the needs of a given survey, designing it, and effectively administering it. Drawing on social science, statistics, and proven best practices, Dillman’s text discusses surveys for a variety of purposes, audiences, and situations.
New and updated material covers both the principles behind and directions for how to:
* Conduct Web surveys * Visually design questionnaires * Use paper mailed surveys
As insightful and practical as its classic original, Mail and Internet Surveys, Second Edition, 2007 Update is a crucial resource for any researcher seeking to increase response rates and obtain high-quality feedback from mail, electronic, and other self-administered surveys.

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