Macroeconomics: A Modern Approach

Offering a uniquely modern presentation of macroeconomics, this brand-new text makes it easy for instructors to emphasize a solid microfoundations, real-business cycle approach. In the all-new “Macroeconomics: A Modern Approach”, leading economist and proven author Robert J. Barro couples his extraordinary command of growth, equilibrium, and business cycles with a focus on microfoundations to create a groundbreaking new macroeconomics textbook steeped in real-world application.Accessibly written and extremely student friendly, the book is packed with current policy and data examples, reflecting the author’s extensive research in the field.
The book also includes captivating boxed features, challenging exercises, and innovative online resources like ThomsonNOW, which enables students to create personalized learning paths and equips instructors with tools to easily assign, grade, and record homework and quizzes. Covering growth theory more completely than any other text, “Macroeconomics” delivers a unified model of macroeconomics that serves well for economics majors and nonmajors alike.

Издател: South-Western, Div of Thomson Learning
Език: Английски
Година: 2007
ISBN: 9780324545678
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