Home Harmony

The power of our home environment to influence the way we feel is increasingly being recognised, and more and more people are seeking to make their home a nurturing, positive space. Many factors subtly work together to create a particular home environment – from the architectural style and construction materials of the physical building and the choice of interior furnishings, to the effect of the elemental forces that flow through the surrounding landscape.
The five elements – wood, fire, earth, metal and water – all play a major role in the creation of a healthy and harmonious home. When we create a space in sympathy with these natural forces our home has a special and loving atmosphere.
Home Harmony will help you discover your own elemental personality and whether your home is in harmony with your inner being. Looking at all the elements in turn, it analyses the essential characteristics of each and provides a practical guide to how they can be used, either in a physical or symbolic form. Metal, for example, is clean, hard and strong and its associated colour is white. When used in the home – whether in metal furniture and accessories or as part of a modern, minimalist colour scheme – it brings focus to the mind and encourages inner reflection. Earth, on the other hand, is stabilising and brings security – useful if you find yourself undergoing constant changes.
Packed with useful tips for practical decorating ideas and inspirational colour photographs showing how to put these ideas in practice, Home Harmony enables anyone to reassert their connection with the natural world and create a blissful, balanced home.

Издател: Ebury Press
Език: Английски
Година: 2004
ISBN: 0091874785
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