Harley-Davidson: The Complete History

Harley-Davidson, the ultimate American icon, inspires a level of devotion that isn’t just about its handling qualities, look, sound, or even performance. It is due to its heritage, appearance, soul, character, and, above all, cool. It epitomizes the freedom of the frontier, the democracy of a biking fraternity that ranges from celebrities to ordinary riders, and the sizzle of danger that accompanies the leather-clad hog owner. Harley-Davidsons have always been inextricably associated with this wilder side of biking—whether it’s because of the bloody spectacle of board-racing in the 1930s, the early Hell’s Angels of the 1950s, or the legacy of the drugged amorality of the Easy Rider generation.
When two of the Davidson brothers, Arthur and Walter, and William S. Harley built a single-cylinder motorcycle in their spare time in 1903, it worked well but lacked hill-climbing ability. The group then built two improved motorcycles in 1904 with the idea of selling them. So it happened that the surnames of two families, Harley and Davidson, European immigrants to the United States, combined to form one of the most recognized brands of motorcycle in the world. Divided into decades, this is the full story of the Harley-Davidson, featuring every important model ever produced. From the Silent Gray Fellow of 1914 to the Topper scooters of the 1960s and coming right up to date with the V-Rod, the new line that has taken Harleys into the 21st century. With over 700 photographs and including specification charts for each bike, this is a comprehensive book that looks at both the bikes and the culture surrounding them.

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