Handbook of Empirical Corporate Finance vol.1 and 2 set


The empirical analysis of firms financing and investment decisionsempirical corporate financehas become a dominant field in financial economics. The growing interest in everything corporate is fueled by a healthy combination of fundamental theoretical developments and recent widespread access to large transactional data bases. A less scientificbut nevertheless importantsource of inspiration is a growing awareness of the important social implications of corporate behavior and governance.
*Takes stock of the main empirical findings to date across an unprecedented spectrum of corporate finance issues *Discusses everything from econometric methodology, to raising capital and capital structure choice, and to managerial incentives and corporate investment behavior. *Contributors are leading empirical researchers that remain active in their respective areas of expertise *Writing style makes the chapters accessible to industry practitioners

Издател: Elsevier Science & Technology
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Година: 2008
ISBN: 9780444532657
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