Gentrification in a Global Context

Gentrification, a process of class neighbourhood upgrading, is being identified in a broader range of urban contexts throughout the world. This book throws new light and evidence to bear on a subject that deeply divides commentators on its worth and social costs given its ability to physically improve areas but also to displace indigenous inhabitants. The Gentrification in a Global Perspective brings together the most recent theoretical and empirical research on gentrification at a global scale.
Each author gives an overview of gentrification in their country so that each chapter retains a unique approach but tackles a common theme within a shared framework. The main feature of the book is a critical and well-written set of chapters on a process that is currently undergoing a resurgence of interest and one that shows no sign of abating. The book is aimed at undergraduates, academics and those with an interest in urban affairs more generally.
It is designed to be an integrated introduction as well as contemporary survey on the process with an expansive set of geographical reference points.

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