Frogs have long played a role in fairytale and legend, symbolising fertility and acting as omens of rain or bad luck. This comprehensive introduction of the very colorful world of frogs details their characteristics, life cycle, musical repertoire, and the conversation issues surrounding the survival of these intriguing creatures, of which there are more than four thousands species worldwide. From gopher frogs to the deadly strawberry dart-poison frog, David Badger discusses a variety of species, including toads, which are, strictly speaking, frogs. John Netherton’s gallery of photographs illustrates this fascinating read.

Издател: Collin Baxter
Език: Английски
Година: 2000
ISBN: 1900455668
Страници: 72
Корици: меки
Тегло: 359 грама
Наличност: Не
Раздел: Хоби и свободно време. Книги на чужди езици, Хоби и свободно време, Книги

Цена: 15.99

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