Firepower: Infantry Weapons

The destructive power of infantry weapons has increased beyond recognition since the introduction of the musket nearly four centuries ago. This crude, short-range firearm has now been superseded by a host of powerful, accurate weaponry.
Firepower: Infantry Weapons gives a comprehensive overview of the major firearms every modern army uses. Organised by weapon type, it features sub-machine guns, general purpose machine guns, assault rifles, light machine guns, sniper rifles, combat handguns and revolvers. Each section details the specifications and use of the most important weapons and looks at tactics and crucial operational issues. Lively first-hand accounts from men who have used these weapons in situations ranging from SAS hostage rescue to desperate Vietnam war fire-fights bring the descriptions to life.
Firepower: Infantry Weapons is packed with information, and features a wealth of superb illustrated material, including over 500 photographs and full-colour artworks, and seven special large-format gatefold illustrations.

Издател: Grange Books
Език: Английски
Година: 2003
ISBN: 1840134372
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