Factfinder Guide: Warriors

Conflict escalating into violence has been a constant over the millennia. In its earliest form, war was limited to raids on neighboring tribes, usually with the plunder of food and valuables as the motive. However, as societies progressed, and were able to manufacture more and better weapons as well as fielding bigger armies, so the art of war also advanced. Throughout the centuries empires have been created, heroes have conquered, and people have fought and died in its name. As we enter a new millennium it seems that the warrior will continue to have a role in world affairs, either in defending the innocent or furthering the ambitions of greedy and aggressive leaders. This book details key warriors from around the globe and over three thousand years. It describes the campaigns they waged, their nationalities, tactics, training, weapons and armor, and the locations in which battles were fought. Ranging from the romance and ritual of the 16th century Japanese Samurai to the enigmatic French Foreign Legion, an elite 19th century unit that exists to this day, it provides a fascinating insight into the history of warfare and the men who fought. As with all books in the Factiinder Cuide series, Warriors, entertains, educates, and surprises readers with a wealth of information and superb color illustration

Издател: Grange Books
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Година: 2004
ISBN: 1840133090
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