Electric Traction – Motive Power and Energy Supply

This book has evolved from the lecture series Elektrische Bahnen ( Electric railways )which has been held at Ruhr-Universita“t Bochum since 1996. Its primary audience arestudents of electrical energy technologies, control engineering and mechanical engineering aswell as young engineers of electrical engineering, especially in the fields of powerelectronics, in railway industry and in railway-operating companies.The book intends to convey mechanical fundamentals of electric railway propulsion, whichincludes rail-bound guidance, transmission of traction effort from wheel to rail under theinfluence of non-constant levels of adhesion and the transmission of motor torque to a springmounted and thus sliding drive set.The focal point of the book will be the disposition of electric traction units powered bythree-phase induction motors. We shall discuss the stationary and dynamical behaviour of thesquirrel-cage induction motor and the principle and construction features of pulse-controlledinverters, as well as scalar and field-oriented control systems and four-quadrant powerconverters, feeding the DC link of the inverters.

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