Eco Architecture: Urban Style

This title presents 27 „green“ buildings in urban and suburban surroundings.In regard to the current discussions about global warming and a new green movement, ecological aspects in architecture are becoming more and more important. Home buyers and owners as well as builders, architects and designers are seeking for examples and inspiration.“Eco Architecture“ is a book series showcasing the world“s best „green“ buildings. It is a unique inspiration source providing an approach to the personal „green“ dream house. It shows how pleasant ecological houses can be from an architectural viewpoint, irrespective of the material used in construction, be it stone, wood or brick.“Urban chic“ presents 25-28 building projects, both private and public, from all over the world. What links them is their location in urban and suburban surroundings, and their chic. These buildings may be functional, but they are more than just utilitarian.

Издател: Taschen
Език: Английски
Година: 2008
ISBN: 9783836508209
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