Dream Cars. Classic Beauty on Wheels


DREAM CARS is a book about remarkable automobiles, both vintage and more recent models. Since they fire up everyone’s imagination, a prominent place is given to sports cars, especially the most famous makes such as Porsche, Ferrari and Lamborghini. However, attention is also paid to legendary popular models including the Fiat Nuova 500, Citroen Traction Avant, Renault 4CV, Nissan 350Z and even the most recent VW New Beetle Convertible. Each car mentioned in this book is accompanied by detailed technical specifications, design descriptions and production histories. Over 700 magnificent color and black and white photographs make this book an automobile aficionado’s dream. About the authors: Rob de la Rive Box (1933-1998) grew up with cars and, following graduation from the Car Industry and Management Institute in Driebergen, in the Netherlands, worked as a PR specialist for Ford and Chrysler. In 1962, he settled in Switzerland and became a vintage car trader. He wrote many books and articles on cars. DREAM CARS is appearing in published form for the first time. Mirco de Get, a native of Italy, has always been fascinated with automobiles and engines. After a career as a technician at Ford, he made a name for himself as a journalist, writing for various publications including the British automobile enthusiasts’ magazine, ON FOUR WHEELS. He has supplemented this posthumous edition of De la Rive Box’s book with descriptions of some more current dream cars.

Издател: Rebo Publishers
Език: Английски
Година: 2004
ISBN: 9789036615709
Страници: 320
Корици: твърди
Тегло: 1675 грама
Размери: 30×21.5
Наличност: Не
Раздел: Хуманитарна литература на чужди езици, Хуманитарни науки, Книги

Цена: 29.95

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