Demeures Contemporaines en Belgique

For many years, Belgium has occupied a leading role in the field of contemporary architecture and design. Belgian architects, designers and interior specialists enjoy worldwide fame for their creations.
This book presents recent projects by trend-setting Belgian architects and interior designers: Vincent Van Duysen, Pascal Van Der Kelen, Instore, Jean-Marie Gillet, Obumex, Nathalie Van Reeth, Christine von der Becke and Hendrik Vermoortel (Buro I & II).
It includes both new construction projects and restorations, all of which are characterised by the quality of the workmanship and the serene, elegant atmosphere that they radiate.
In spite of the differences between the houses that are presented here, there is a leitmotif that runs through all the accounts: the pursuit of a pure aesthetic, (interior) architecture that finds its essence in clean forms and warm materials.

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