Daily Noise Club – Next level CD

In 1998 four guys from Sofia, Bulgaria started a band and named it Daily Noise Club. Now, 10 years later, lot of club gigs and fest appearances, debut album – “Dirty Dress” (D.N.C./043) 2002, and a single – “Let Us” (D.N.C. music) 2004, they are still here looking forward! Up to this day Daily Noise Club finished their second album “Next Level”.
They were opening act for Anthrax in 2003 and Megadeth in 2005 for their shows in Sofia (Bulgaria), and also did a lot of tours with the independent bands like Soleilnoir (Germany), Voodoo Healers (Greece), Bubblegum Screw (UK) and Black Magic Six (Finland).
Playing high energy, passionate and loud rock Daily Noise Club can always make you fit into the right mood for a jump & shout type of party! This is the feeling they deliver and you get at their shows, proving that rock music is the ultimate time machine, even now in 21st century!

Издател: Amadea Records
Език: Английски
Година: 2008
ISBN: AR 00008
Тегло: 150 грама
Размери: 12×14
Наличност: Да
Раздел: ROCK, Музика

Цена: 14.99