Cool Restaurants San Francisco

Celebrated for its splendid setting, San Francisco’s landscape is of unparalled beauty. No less intriguing are its many charming and eclectic restaurants. Here aficionados of great cooking can sample dishes second to none in stylish and eclectic surroundings. The range of California’s micro-climates means a wide selection of fresh ingredients is continually available. And many restaurants have quirky decorating touches—as you might expect of this capital of laid-back chic. This selection of original restaurant interiors is extensively illustrated with over 130 color photographs and recipes from some of San Francisco’s coolest dining showplaces.
Martin N. Kunz is the Managing Director of fusion publishing. He has edited teNeues’ Cool Hotels Europe (3-8238-4582-9), Luxury Hotels Europe (3-8238-4553-5), Luxury Hotels Asia/Pacific (3-8238-4593-4) and Luxury Hotels Beach Resorts (3-8238-4592-6) as well as several titles in teNeues’ Cool Restaurants and architecture & design series.
* A selection of the current top choices on the San Francisco dining scene, where design, food and ambience combine for memorable eating experiences * Another in teNeues’ best-selling Cool Restaurants series

Издател: teNeues
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Година: 2006
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