Cool Restaurants Milan

The variety and flux of Milan’s restaurant scene matches the eclecticism and dynamism of the city itself. Whether classical in design or furnished in the highest of high-tech style, Milan’s restaurants offer the widest range of dining experiences available in a single city, with ambience to suit every taste. Another title in teNeues’ recently launched series, this flexi-bound guide to the coolest restaurants in Milan features over a 130 full color photos.
Borja de Miguel writes for European publications such as El Diario Vasco.
* A „best-of“ selection of hip Milanese restaurants, bars, and lounges serving a wide variety of cuisines. Also included are recipes to suit every taste * Another title in teNeues’ recently launched series, this little guide includes over 130 color photographs and is attractively designed with flexicovers

Издател: teNeues
Език: Английски
Година: 2006
ISBN: 9783823845874
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