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When in 1938 General Motors presented its Y-Job, the first car fitted with electrically operated windows and roof, the history of the four-wheeled vehicle was changed forever. What today we consider optional accessories were in those years avant-garde design solutions resulting from ‘out of the box’ thinking and from a philosophy aimed at transforming the functional A-to-B means of transport into a dream car.
Today car manufacturers invest heavily n the design and construction of concept cars, i.e., those innovative, original prototypes that grab the attention and headlines in the world’s most important automobile shows: Tokyo, Detroit, Paris, Frankfurt, and Geneva. Some of these designs simply herald production models while others are design experiments with eccentric shapes, highly powerful engines, and exaggeratedly luxurious interiors. Yet others are technological laboratories that produce improved safety and reliability in standard road cars.
In this book, Larry Edsall tells the story of how the first concept cars came to be built, and analyzes the models that have marked their era in terms of design and innovation from the 19305 to the present day. He discusses over 100 prototypes produced by the American, European and Japanese automobile industries, all illustrated with splendid and detailed photographs, and he comments incisively on the attention paid to technical details, and on the highly original concepts and styling that guided the designers.

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