Chasing Harry Winston

How far would you go to change your life in a year?
Emmy finds herself single for the first time in years. She vows to find a man on every continent for some pure no-strings-attached fun.
Adriana is stunning and can have any man she desires.Yet she wants an eligible bachelor who”ll slip a five-carat Harry Winston diamond on her finger.
Leigh has a doting boyfriend that most girls would kill for. But when literary bad boy Jesse Chapman asks to work with her, she just can”t refuse.
Knocking back raspberry mojitos one night, the three friends make a pact – to change one thing in their lives by the end of the year.
Game On.

Издател: HarperCollins Publishers
Език: Английски
Година: 2008
ISBN: 9780007262717
Страници: 280
Корици: меки
Тегло: 236 грама
Размери: 20×13
Наличност: Да
Раздел: на английски език, Художествена литература на чужди езици, Художествена литература, Книги

Цена: 17.95