Bourgas,Bulgaria,Europe-Catalog of Bourgas

I love this town and I know that you too will grow to love it. You will fall in love with it when you stand on the huge pier by the beach, with fishing rod in hand. When the stunning Bourgas bay with its small island of “St. Anastasia” blazes before you. When, in the distant north, the old Anhialo appears, behind in the ancient town of Messembria. When southwards the lighthouse of the legendary Appolonia blazes. And when, so close, the port` s cranes like huge giraffes, load and unload the ships-the ships from all the seas of the world. You will fall in love with exotic Strandja-the most riddling mountain in Bulgaria with its thracian mounds, pre-historic dolmens and fire-dancers-gaily dancing over hot coals. You will ,fall in love with the small Bourgas streets, the tiny old houses with their gardens and fig trees, with the countless restaurants and cafes. Perhaps even with the luxurious hotels and shops. Or the tourist resorts of Sunny Beach, Duni and Elenite. The town which had, only 90 years ago, 3000 inhabitants has now become a modern city with a population of 300000. A town blessed by God, surrounded by 3 lakes and a sea. A town which is sure to have a fantastic future. And not only because it is the oil-refinery centre, not only because it has the largest port and the most modern airport in Bolgaria. But because it is inhabited by enterprising and hard working people. Artists in their souls, yet businessmen by vocation. There is no other which during the last seven years of democracy, has become so much more beautiful and rich. There is no other town where elegant refinement and careless intimacy come together so successfully. Perhaps because of this the greatest actors, poets and artists in the whole country are born here. Bourgas-the town of the ancient past, the exotic present, the shining future, The phenomenon of Bourgas. I love this town and I know that you too will grow to love it. Hedyalko Yordanov, Bourgas Poet and Dramatist

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