The Volkswagen beetle is one of the world` s most beloved icons, second only to the Coca Cola bottle in recognition around the globe. It seems as if everyone had a VW “Bug”-or had a friend who had one-and the very mention of its name elicits a smile. No wonder it is the best-selling car ever produced, with over 20 million sold world-wide. Now it appears that lightening has struck twice. At the 1998 Detroit Show, the audience stood 2,000-deep to witness Volkswagen` s unveiling of the New Beetle. Before the car reached dealerships, the waiting list stretched four-months long. The list celebrity purchasers ranges from Jerry Seinfeld to Cindy Crawford. With the New Beetle drawing crowds every time it pulls into a parking lot and vintage Beetles more popular than ever with collectors, Beetlemania is the perfect companion volume for the first-time fan as well as the die-hard enthusiast. Filled with fascinating photographs-many of them from Volkswagen` s own archives-this book provides a witty, yet authoritative history of the car that` s captured the hearts of millions.

Издател: Smithmark
Език: Английски
Година: 1999
ISBN: 0-7651-1018-0
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