Beadwork can lend a touch of luxury to everyday objects, from bead-embellished buttons and cushions or children’s slippers to a flowered picture frame or sequin-covered Christmas decorations. New Crafts: Beadwork is the ultimate guide to this rich and rewarding craft. The basic techniques section takes you through the essential skills you need to embark on these easy-to-make, yet impressive projects. It includes instructions on stringing beads, making fringes and loops and threading a bead loom. Most of the basic equipment used can be found close to hand in your sewing basket or around the home; but there is ample advice on choosing the best and most appropriate materials for each particular job. Clear, step-by-step instructions, all superbly illustrated with colour photographs, take vou through each of the 25 projects ranging from a delightful Venetian necklace, a woven bracelet and a sumptuous velvet devore scarf, to a sophisticated spiralled chandelier. Trimmings for cushions, fringes and lampshades are also included. Further inspiration is provided in a gallery of the best in beadwork by contemporary craft artists, highlighting just what can be achieved with this exquisite craft.

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