2007 guide to European Union Funding – vol.1 – Funding within the EU


The 13th edition of the ECAS guide to EU funding for NGOs has been fully revised and updated, with essential information on the new financial perspectives for 2007-13. New arrangements for external aid and cooperation are also covered, including the European Neighbourhood Policy, and aid for pre-accession to candidate countries and the Western Balkans. The guide makes it easy for NGOs to find their way through the wide range of opportunities offered by the EU, giving guidance on how to apply for funds, links to further information, and details of who to contact for each programme.
Volume 1: Funding within the EU
This volume includes tips for fundraisers; the new financial perspectives from an NGO’s point of view; funding programmes for projects within the EU, including citizenship, environment, consumer protection, social justice; structural funds; and a chapter on foundations which may provide extra or alternative funding.

Издател: European Citizen Action Service
Език: Английски
Година: 2007
ISBN: 287451005X
Страници: 119
Корици: меки
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Размери: 21×15
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Раздел: Икономическа литература на чужди езици, Икономика, Книги

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