100 Cities of The World

In the pages of this book readers will find more than just the great cities of the world. Naturally, New York, Paris, London, Moscow, Tokyo and many other cities of global importance are presented and put into proper perspective. But how familiar are you with St. Louis, Quito or Algiers ? Their names may be familiar, but when it comes to the finer details, many people simply shrug their shoulders. These cities also have an allure, and continue to play a leading role in the history of their respective countries. Did you know that St. Louis was the main point of departure or the settlement of the Wild West, or that the centuries-long search for the legendary riches of El Dorado was launched from Quito? Yet many of the cities described in this book are true global cities: Rome must be counted as the first, indisputable prototype. At one time, practically the entire known world(from European perspective) was ruled from Rome-and the lasting impact of the Roman Empire has been felt around the world. But what is it that distinguishes a global city from a metropolis? In general, global cities are considered to have major, worldwide significance. The world metropolis, by contrast, often used synonymously, applies to regional centres of political, commercial, cultural and social importance. In terms of economics, global cities are first and foremost the centres of international finance and banking. The three most important economic regions have each produced a leading metropolis: Tokyo, London and New York. Hong Kong, Shanghai, Sydney, Milan, Madrid and Chicago are complementary financial hubs that also have international significance. Trying to define major international cultural centres is a far more difficult enterprise. Cultural metropolises are places where the universal language of art is promulgated. Cultural meccas attract artists and creativity, are home to important institutions such as museums ant theatres, and are leaders in cultural innovation. There is a simple litmus test for all of these factors: a global city is one whose name is immediately recognizable to almost everyone.

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